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This space contains all informations about our clan Valhalla: (level 9 - ID : #L9CGQYC)

  • permanent war clan 24/7 for every green profile
  • new member must wait a war before participate at next one
  • forbidden to attack lower than 4 level downside your level during first 18 hours. Next try to have 3 stars when you fill holles.
  • respect troops requests (specialy for clan war)
    • "Anythings" is explicit but "good troopes" is not (archer 3 will be will be appreciate like a good troop for HDV 1 but not for HD9)
    • indicate "cw" in your request if it is the case.
  • Promote:
    • Elder as soon war clan starting to avoid quitting during preparation day.
    • Co-leader on trust and depending of your clan participation (troops donate, chat, war clan, etc.)
  • Kicking:
    • Elder if one attack missing during war clan (when profile is green). Co-Leaders in this case are downgrade to elder.
    • injuries and/or flaming on the chat
  • Update your profile to indicate if you want participate or not at next clan war
    (update your profil as soon the war preparation day started for the newt clan war because wc are launch as soon one is finished)
  • Instructions for wars clan:
    • do not attack systematically your number unless you are sure to catch 3 stars (except for number one and our last number)
    • Do not lower than 4 stars at first 18h of war
    • for second attack, do 3 stars
    • bottom of table must attack first
    • of course EVERYONE mus attack (even if all stars are caught)
  • war clan for EVERYONE each week-end (except new members):
    • kick if no attack for 2 WE war clan (Co-leader retrograded)
    • if unable to attack, tell us BEFORE WE in chat or post

Share your exploits, tactics, efficient vivi, etc .: by creating pages below.

I created a YouTube channel for video: chaine coc.myxwiki.org but I must see how we can share our video together on it.

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